Sanitary and high purity fluid handling equipment for the food, beverage, dairy, pharmaceutical, biotechnology and chemical process industries
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Sanitary Metering Pumps, Parts & Repairs
Sanitary & High Purity Metering Pumps
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FLOWTECH LABTOP® Sanitary Rotary Lobe, Integrated Pump System

Flowtech's LABTOP® Integrated Pump System is a "plug in the wall," ready to use pump unit for small to medium-size capacity applications. At its heart, the UNIBLOC® -PD rotary lobe pump is manufactured from the highest quality stainless steel material, eliminating quality issues. The pump is driven by an electric motor with an integrated speed controller that allows the operator to manipulate the unit through various functions using the Nema 4X (IP65) keypad or in an automatic mode.

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  • Non Pulsating Flow
  • Sanitary Design
  • Tri-Clamp Ports
  • Horizontal or Vertical Ports
  • FDA Approved Materials
  • Pump can be disassembled without Tools
  • Interchangeable Gear Housings for Multiple Capacities
  • Crevice Free Front Cover
  • Precision Fills to =/- 0.5% and Better
  • Crevice Free Front Cover
  • Six Sizes with Capacities up to 32 GPM
  • Port Sizes Range from 1/2" to 2"
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Milton Roy 3-A and Food Grade Metering Pumps

Custom 3-A approved and 3-A compliant pumps are available in the MacRoy, mRoy and MilRoyal family of pumps. Available with stainless steel motors and heads, these products work well in food, beverage and pharmaceutical applications where exact dosing requirements exist.

Milton Roy 3-A approved products have quick-release heads and tri-clover fittings, and come with the 3-A emblem. 3-A compliant products are subsets that are suitable for sterile applications with reduced options and reduced costs.

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